NPK 10-10-40 + TE

productNPK 10-10-40 + TE
Price 5400.00-5800.00 Rmb/ MT
Min. Order 15 MT

ActivePower NPK 10-10-40 + TE is an all-purpose water soluble fertilizer characterized by high purity. Assimilated by foliar and root, it is intended for crops soilless and can be used throughout the crop cycle. Refined from high purity raw materials, completely water soluble without any plant growth hormone and harmful additives added. The addition of high efficiency additives, good compatibility, maintenance of long-term stable release is divided, good absorption, transport fast, high utilization rate.


Active Power NPK 10-10-40 + TE is a high potassium fertilizer that is highly soluble and free of chlorine and sodium containing major elements and micronutrients in chelate. The beginning of the season is essential for the plants to grow and establish more roots and early growth. For crops and orchards, before flowering until harvest, and especially when converting flowers to fruit and can be used to color and increase fruit size. Also to provide potash element and to resist disease and fruit color and size.

It promotes a steady development and compact, preventing the occurrence of deficiencies or nutritional imbalances. Its balanced composition suitable for a wide range of plants in almost every stage of their growth and can be used for constant or periodic manner, alternating with water or rain.



NPK 10-10-40 + TE has the following characteristics:

  • Product kind: Fertilizer – Agricultural usage
  • Chemical Formula: NPK (Nitrogen 10 (N), Phosphorus 10 (P) and potassium 40 (K). and trace elements (TE)
  • Appearance: Powder


The water-soluble fertilizer NPK 10-10-40 + TE can be used on all types of crops by foliar. Prepare the solution 1-2 hours before the intended use to ensure complete dissolution. Pour the nutrient solution on moist soil. Fertilization is carried during the active growth period; it is possible to apply soluble fertilizer 3-4 times every 10 days with the formation of fruits and full fruiting.

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