Monoammonium phosphate (MAP)

productMonoammonium phosphate (MAP)
Price 4900.00-5200.00 Rmb/ MT
Min. Order 27 MT

ActivePower Monoammonium phosphate (MAP) is a widely used source of phosphorus (P) and nitrogen (N). It’s made of two constituents common in the fertilizer industry and contains the most phosphorus of any common solid fertilizer.


ActivePower Monoammonium phosphate (MAP) is a granular phosphate-nitrogen fertilizer. The phosphate is well soluble in water, and the nitrogen content is in ammonium form. MAP is an effective universal fertilizer which can be used for all types of crop and all kinds of soil. However, MAP is particularly suitable as an under-root fertilizer in crops with a high P requirement (e.g. corn). Through the high ammonium content, the phosphate intake is promoted during under-root fertilization.



Monoammonium phosphate (MAP) has the following characteristics:

  • Product kind: Fertilizer – Agricultural usage
  • Chemical Formula: MAP (phosphorus 61% (P2O5) - Nitrogen 12% (N))
  • Appearance: Powder



This fertilizer is used in cropping and is used as a form of nitrogen and phosphorus. MAP and its blends are used very extensively in the cropping systems and also for pasture sowing. The fact that the nitrogen level is low makes it very ideal for planting since the effect on the germinating seeds is kept at minimal. It is recommended for use at the beginning of the growth season, when phosphorus availability is crucial for the establishment of the root system. It can be tank-mixed with other fertilizers to meet crop nutritional needs throughout the growth cycle.

ActivePower Monoammonium phosphate (MAP) is suitable for preparation of fertilizer blends and for production of liquid fertilizers.

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